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Osram Sylvania, Inc.

71 Cherry Hill Dr
Beverly, MA 01915-1068

Tel: 978-750-1696
Fax: 978-750-1795

E-mail: Jason.Montaner@sylvania.com

Research development and manufacturing of glass and poly-crystalline ceramics for lighting and other precision materials applications.

Web Site: www.sylvania.com
Contact: Jason Montaner

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Raytheon Company

350 Lowell St.
Andover, MA 01810

Tel: 978-470-5681
Fax: 978-470-9003

E-mail: c_scott_nordahl@raytheon.com

As part of the Mechanical Engineering Directorate of Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, Materials Engineering provides a wide range of technical, engineering and lab capabilities and services in all disciplines falling under the umbrella of materials science. Supporting these technical areas is a full range of analytical capability including: chemical, mechanical, and electrical and environmental analysis and test.

Web Site: www.raytheon.com
Contact: C. Scott Nordahl