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Centorr Vacuum Industries, Inc.

55 Northeastern Blvd.
Nashua, NH 03062-3126

Tel: 603-595-7233
Fax: 603-595-9220

E-mail: skr@centorr.com

Manufacturers of vacuum and controlled atmosphere sintering furnaces for operation from -300C to 3000C and pressure levels from 10-9 torr to 1500 psig. Complete systems available in laboratory and production sizes. Designed for operation in vacuum, Ar, N2, and H2 for co-firing, pressure sintering, hot pressing, reaction bonding, metal injection molding, fiber optics, crystal pulling, heat treating, and brazing. Process evaluation and testing available in our Applied Technology Center.

Web Site: www.centorr.com
Contact: Scott Robinson

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CM Furnaces Inc.

103 Dewey Street
Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Tel: 973-338-6500
Fax: 973-338-1625

E-mail: jneill@cmfurnaces.com

Furnaces operating at temperatures from 650C-2200C. Batch and continuous pusher furnaces from lab scales to fully automated production units. Electric with high-efficiency insulation packages. Atmospheres: Furnaces available to operate in hydrogen, nitrogen, inert or air atmospheres. Continuous dew point and oxygen-level monitoring and control are offered.

Web Site: www.cmfurnaces.com
Contact: Jim Neill

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Oxy-Gon Industries, Inc.

42 Old Route 28, P.O. Box 40
Epsom, NH 03234

Tel: 603/736-8422
Fax: 603/736-8734

E-mail: sales@oxy-gon.com

Oxy-Gon specializes in quality high temperature, high vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces for the research industry for nearly all applications with supplemental emphasis in manufacturing. Additional products include fiber draw furnaces, gas purification units and tungsten/molybdenum mesh or weave heating elements.

Web Site: www.oxy-gon.com
Contact: Fred McLaughlin, Technical Sales & Marketing

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RD Webb Company, Inc.

6 Huron Dr
Natick, MA 01760

Tel: 401-267-8802
Fax: 401-262-4935

E-mail: rdwebb@alum.mit.edu

The RED DEVIL is a high temperature vacuum/inert gas furnace designed specifically for university, industrial, and government research laboratories. Because of it's unique and patented features, it is often used for manufacturing and production of small high value components as well. No cooling water or drain is required and a standard wall outlet provides sufficient electrical power to operate the furnace at full temperature. There are no water cooling channels to clog, no chamber corrosion from galvanic action, and no water cooling leaks degrading vacuum quality. The table top furnace comes complete with all components required for operation.

Web Site: www.rdwebb.com
Contact: Rick Webb