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Advanced Glass and Ceramics, Inc.

2983 Irwin Dr.
St. James, NC 28461

Tel: Mobile: 1.508.954.0900

E-mail: landry@porousglass.com

Advanced Glass and Ceramics specializes in the machining of porous materials: glasses(Vycor 7930 and Pyrex), ceramics and metals. We serve scientists and engineers in over 50 countries who are developing new technologies, products and applications. The markets we service are diverse: military, medical, electronics, space and oil exploration, environmental, pharmacuetical, biotechnology. We market reference electrodes used in ph meters and porous ceramic vacuum chucks for the electronics industry.

Web Site: www.porousglass.com
Contact: Charles Landry

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Ferro-Ceramic Grinding, Inc.

5 Cornell Place
Wilmington, MA 01887

Tel: 800-282-1833
Fax: 781-246-1429

E-mail: sales@ferroceramic.com

Technical ceramic component supplier specializing in BN, Al2O3, quartz, Macor, SiC, ferrites, ZrO2 and related materials. Using innovative machining techniques has enabled the company to provide competitive pricing from prototype to production quantities for over 37 years.

Web Site: www.ferroceramic.com
Contact: Costa Sideridis

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PremaTech Advanced Ceramics

160 Goddard Memorial Drive
Worcester, MA 01603-1260

Tel: 508-791-9549
Fax: 508-793-9814

E-mail: info@prematechac.com

PremaTech continues the tradition, started by Chand Kare in 1980, of providing contract-machining service to advanced ceramic manufacturers. With advanced technology, PremaTech provides support from the simplest slicing and dicing to the most sophisticated 4 and 5 axis machining of advanced ceramic components in prototype to production quantity.

Web Site: www.prematechac.com
Contact: Ellen Costello

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Superior Technical Ceramics Corp.

600 Industrial Park Road
St. Albans, VT 05478

Tel: 802-527-7726
Fax: 802-527-1181

E-mail: sales@ceramics.net

An American manufacturer well known for oxide ceramic component manufacturing capabilities including raw material fabrication, most known powder compaction methods, and unfired & diamond machining. Elaborate use of CNC work centers enables STC to lead the industry in providing the highest quality, cost-effective components for the aerospace, electronic instrumentation, wear & abrasion, thermal protection industries, pump, seal & dispensing systems, and laser system manufacturers.

Web Site: www.ceramics.net
Contact: Simon Doran