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CeraNova Corporation

85 Hayes Memorial Drive
Marlborough, MA 01752

Tel: 508-460-0300
Fax: 508-460-0325

E-mail: info@ceranova.com

CeraNova develops and commercializes novel ceramic technologies for both structural and functional applications, including ceramic superconductors, piezoelectric ceramic fiber, and transparent ceramics. Technical expertise at CeraNova includes extrusion, tape casting, directional solidification, and general ceramics processing including mixing, forming and firing. Inquiries on proprietary contract research or development programs and toll services are welcome.

Web Site: www.ceranova.com
Contact: Marina Pascucci

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Stellar Industries Corp.

50 Howe Avenue
Millbury, MA 01527

Tel: 508-865-1668
Fax: 508-865-5016

E-mail: snooky@stellarind.com

A Fabricator of Laser Diode / Photodetector Submounts using materials such as AlN, BeO, and Al203. Specializing in vapor deposited GoldTin solders on thick film and thin film substrates. Stellar manufactures precise machined ceramic mounts with wrap-around metalizations. Stellar also fabricates Direct Bonded Copper Substrates for Power and Thermal Management.

Web Site: www.stellarind.com
Contact: John B. Snook